We offer brokerage and advisory services within all segments, for example office buildings, warehouses and logistic properties, hotels, trade premises, apartment buildings for rent, development projects (residential and commercial) and community property.

Our presence in Norway’s four major cities give us an excellent overview of the domestic investor market, and as a part of Norway’s largest financial services group, we are one of the natural contact points for international customers who want to invest in Norway. We have a complementary transaction team with varied experience that sees the opportunities both in combining commercial property and finance, and in managing and developing property projects.

In sales assignments, we make use of our broad investor network and ensure that the sales object is presented to all potential buyers to obtain the best possible price.

As purchasing advisers, we can help identify investment opportunities, and assist with modelling and valuation, market analysis, negotiation and coordination of due diligence in consultation with legal advisers. We can also act as a sparring partner to ensure the best possible decision-making basis in a transaction process.


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